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Skin Repairing Snail Essence (40ml)

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Skin Repairing Snail Essence 40mL

Made of 80 percent snail mucus extract and peptide, it promotes the revival of skin cells, making it elastic. The components of vitamin complex liposome and phellinus linteus extract make the skin clear and transparent.

  • Superior skin cell regeneration and restoration
    • 80% snail slime having superior skin cell regeneration contained!
    • A function of skin repair- Restoring and protecting skin
    • Key point: Why does the mucin in snail slime (filtrate) good for skin?
      • When a snail is damaged, the mucin-containing slime comes out of its body and helps heal wounds. Snail mucin is composed of chondroichin that permeates deep into the skin and prevents skin aging, improves skin’s elasticity, controls moisture level and helps skin cell regeneration.
  • High-functional anti-aging + brightening properties
    • Adenosine, humanoligopeptide-1, tomato callus extract (plant-based stem cells), black bean extract and phyto-collagen improve skin’s elasticity.
    • Liposomal vitamin complex, phellinus linteus extract and niacinamide improve dark skin tone and reduce blemishes.
    • Natural fermented extract made of 7 kinds of active vegetable ingredients for 24 hours form a healthy moisture barrier on the skin and add liveliness to it.

Recommended to use together with "Snail Line" that activates cell regeneration.

How to use:

Step 1: Soothe the skin complexion with toner after washing the face

Step 2: Apply to the entire face in a light tapping motion until absorbed.

TIP! Cover face using both hands for sufficient absorption.

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